Canine Psychology - Dog Behavior - How Your Dog Sees The World

Canine Psychology – Dog Behavior – How Your Dog Sees The World

Have you always dreamed of understanding your dog at a deeper level? This can be done by learning how dog’s think; allowing you to better train your canine companion and connect with them through understanding basic canine psychology and instinctive behavior.

Dogs are very similar to people in that they all have their own personalities and behavior. Dogs express what they want and what they need in many different ways. If you have spent enough time with your furry friend, you likely have a better understanding in regard to how he communicates and conveys what he wants. Canine psychology allows you to look further into your dog’s behavior and truly understand why he is chewing on every pair of shoes that he sees.

Understanding your dog helps to strengthen the bond between both you and your furry friend. With proper education and patience, you can begin to recognize what leads to certain behaviors within your dog. This will allow you to develop strategies to overcome negative behaviors and use positive reinforcement to encourage positive behaviors.

What kinds of problems can canine psychology be used for?

Understanding why your dog behaves a certain way allows you to correct negative behavior at the source and enforce positive behavior. Some of the things that you can use canine psychology for are in solving these common problems with having a dog in your home are:

  • barking and growling at children, cyclists, and other dogs
  • destroying the furniture in your house
  • scared and fearful behavior
  • uncontrollable barking
  • strong pulling on the leash
  • poor hygiene
  • separation anxiety

The five principles of canine psychology

Along with canine psychology, there are five basic principles that you should follow in order to have a more meaningful and peaceful existence with your furry friend. These five principles are the following:

  • The dog should never obey out of fear but rather because of a positive association with the commands.
  • A dog needs clear rules and a well-defined hierarchy.
  • Violence never leads to success in dog education and psychology.
  • Rewards of tasty treats and positive experiences such as praise stimulate the dog and provoke the desired behavior.
  • Patience is the most important virtue in canine psychology!

By following these five basic principles, you can better train your dog and begin to understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way. Dogs are very social creatures and require a strong pack leader to teach them right from wrong. However, you must put careful thought into how you are going to convey these rules to your furry friend. This ensures that you and your dog maintain a positive relationship; in addition, it prevents aggressive behaviors from forming in your dog.

Psychology data From dog dreams

If you have a dog, you have surely noticed that it makes noises or moves its legs when sleeping. I am sure that you have wondered if your dog is dreaming and what they are dreaming about. These muscle jerks also happen to us when we sleep, especially when we dream. Scientists have shown that dogs dream too.

They go through the same phases of sleep as people do. Much like people, dogs also go through different phases of sleep cycles. The dog’s body may become active with twitches while it experiences intense dreams. However, this is not something that you need to worry about. It is completely normal for your dog to twitch or fidget while it is sleeping, it is part of its natural sleep cycle. Your furry friend may just be dreaming of his next meal or about running around in an open field.

Canine Psychology - Dog Behavior - How Your Dog Sees The World

The intelligence of dogs

Dogs are extremely intelligent beings. They are capable of learning tricks, and they notice when their caregiver is unwell and will comfort them if allowed the opportunity. But can canine intelligence be compared to personal intelligence? Scientists discovered that dogs are as smart as a two-year-old human child. Our furry dogs are capable of counting and can even understand more than 150 words. With a little training and patience, your dog can learn hundreds of basic commands and engage in obedience training. Dogs are very curious animals and love to experience new things. So, be sure that you are providing your dog with plenty of mental stimulation to keep him occupied and away from your new pair of shoes.

Dogs understand tone of voice And Body Language

Even if dogs only understand a few words, they can easily recognize several different tones of voice. When calling the furry by name but with different moods, their reaction varies. If you call your dog with a kind and loving tone of voice, it will run towards you, wagging its tail with joy. If, on the other hand, you call him with an angry tone of voice, he will approach you in fear.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and can even recognize different people voices. Your dog will know which person is calling his name in addition to understanding what kind of tone is being used to call him. In addition, dogs can gauge body language; body language is one of the main ways in which dogs communicate not only with their owners but also with other dogs. Understanding some of these body language cues will help you better understand what your dog is thinking.

Professional Help

If you are looking to correct negative or aggressive behaviors within your dog, you may need to seek the help of an animal behaviorist. An animal behaviorist specializes in dog physiology and can provide you with training techniques as well as information in regard to why your dog is behaving a certain way. In the beginning, animal behaviroirst started applying the findings on wolf behavior to domestic dogs as a way of better understanding dog psychology. Over the years, this study and profession has evolved to a more advanced study into the behavior of dogs and other animal behavior.

If only dogs could talk! What do you think your dog would say to you if he was able to talk?

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