Chausie - Cat Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

Chausie – Cat Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

Chausie Cat Appearance

The wild Chausie gene has left its mark on the behavior of this exotic breed of cat. However, this is more obvious in their physical appearance. Like its direct ancestor, the Egyptian jungle cat, it has a very athletic body. The long legs, in which the hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones, show that it is an excellent jumper and runner. Its wedge-shaped head with high cheekbones and wide-set eyes also has an exotic look. The shapely chin and rounded ears with the characteristic tufts of hair are reminiscent of a lynx.

Coat and Color

Unlike the lynx and other hybrid cats, such as the savannah, the Chausie does not have a striking pattern. The coat is short or medium and has stripes that are usually brown or black and silver. The color variants are the following three:

  • Black
  • Brown tabby tabby
  • Grizzled tabby brindle (silver colors)

The belly and prominent chin of the felines are usually lighter than the rest of the coat. Nut-shaped eyes are usually gold or yellow, but hazel or light green is also allowed.

Origin And History Of The Chausie Cat

The desire to domesticate wild cats has been latent in humans for a long time. One consequence of this was the breeding of hybrid cats, which began in the 1960s in America. With the cross between wild and domestic cats, scientists and cat breeders hoped to combine the exotic appearance of the wild cat with the faithful and close-to-people character of domestic kitties.

Since then, the demand for increasingly exotic cats, which bring a bit of wild air to the living room, has been on the rise. Also, the Chausie, which has wild blood and has been recognized since 1995 by the TICA (The International Cat Association) as an official breed cat, has made a name for itself in this trend. But it is still a very rare cat outside its breeding range, the United States.

A cat with a high-cost

How much does a Chausie cat cost? Anyone interested in having a Chausie as a pet has to be aware that hybrid cats are quite expensive due to their complicated and scarce breeding. A purebred Chausie from a serious and reputable breeder costs, depending on the generation and the proportion of wild blood, between 7,500 and 10,000 euros. If you decide to spend this much money, you must be sure that this breed is suitable. But what characteristics does a Chausie have? How wild is it really, and what are the requirements for its future caregiver?

Personality Of The Chausie

Despite its wild appearance, the Chausie is a close and cuddly cat who likes to be around its humans. However, from time to time, the urge to hunt comes to this breed of cat. In its outdoor adventures, it hunts mice and birds, which it usually offers to its human family. There is still something wild about this open and friendly house cat.

This is something future caregivers should be aware of. There is nothing they can bear less than being bored and alone. Therefore, to tame these felines, they must have enough entertainment with toys for cats, scratchers, and many outings. Having several cats goes hand in hand with the need for occupation and variety for the Chausie.

The Chausie and children

Unlike other house cats who, in times of a lot of the hustle and bustle in the house, withdraw, the Chausie likes to be the center of attention. Above all, it gets along very well with children, as they are just as playful. Of course, that is if it is not too crazy because when this temperamental and self-confident kitten does not like something, it can get its claws out. Children should let the feline go free and respect its need to go out and hunt. The clever Chausie knows very well what it wants. When it has satisfied its need for movement, it likes to lie back on the couch and bring out its caring and cuddly side.

Having a Chausie cat

Such a temperamental and active cat should not be locked up in an apartment in any way. Out of love for your pet and respect for its natural needs, you should let it out regularly. A cat flap on the door through which the kitten can leave and enter, on its own, is a perfect option. A purely interior holding is not possible with a Chausie cat unless you make it an open enclosure where the cat athlete can climb, jump, and run as he pleases.

If you want to prevent the kitten from leaving the enclosure, you must ensure the walls are high, as a Chausie can jump more than two meters high. Before implementing these security measures, you should ask yourself if the Chausie really is the ideal cat for you. Hunting is something that this hybrid cat carries in its blood and should not be suppressed.

Those who have their Chausie correctly, such as outdoor cats, must take care of adequate immunization (against rabies and feline leukemia), as well as preventive measures against parasites. Ask your vet for advice and comply with annual preventive check-ups.

Cats tend to endure many illnesses and pain in silence. Frequent check-ups with a professional can help to discover and treat possible ailments early. Fortunately, there are almost no known diseases typical of the Chausie breed. However, they are not spared from common contingencies in cats, such as upper respiratory or gastrointestinal problems. They should also get vaccinated against cat flu.

Caring for a Chausie cat

In addition to preventive visits to the vet or to update immunization, Chausie care is manageable. Like all short-haired cats, this one also takes care of its own fur. A weekly brushing to remove dead hair is more than enough. To recognize possible anomalies in time, you should regularly check your Chausie’s legs, nails, teeth, and skin. With good care and proper tenure, robust and resistant kittens can be up to 16 years old.

Feeding Your Chausie

Of course, a correct diet influences proper ownership and preservation of health. However, in such an original hybrid breed as the Chausie, whose direct ancestors are wild cats, the nutritional demand is a little more demanding than an ordinary domestic cat.

Many of those who have hybrid cats say that their kitten does not tolerate common industrial feeds, so they go on a BARF diet (biologically adapted raw food). Of course, the BARF diet requires a lot of knowledge to satisfy nutritional needs with food. If this is too difficult, you should look for high-quality food with a high content of meat (rich in protein), fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural oils.

Due to the possible intolerances of the Chausie, the proportion of grain must be very low or nonexistent. Many hybrid cat breeds, which hunt on their outings, supplement their diet with mice or small birds. This is a factor that you must take into account when having the correct amount.


The wild and attractive appearance of the Chausie cat has its price. The crossing of domestic cats with wild cats is not without complications and is highly criticized by animal protectors. The reason for this criticism and the question of whether a cross is morally justifiable is, above all, the fact that the gestation periods of both felines differ greatly.

Domestic kittens have a pregnancy of 63 to 65 days, while in wild cats, it is 76 to 78. The consequence of this inequality is that, especially in the first generations (F1), there are many premature births, spontaneous abortions, and stillbirths. Also, most males are sterile in the first generation. In subsequent generations (F2 and F3), complications during delivery and cesarean sections also occur frequently. Therefore, the breeding of these hybrid breeds is very complex and should be reserved for experts only.

In some countries, such as Switzerland, the crossing between wild and domestic cats is prohibited. While in other countries, a special permit must have hybrid cats up to the fourth generation (F4).

Is the Chausie the right cat for you?

Anyone considering buying a Chausie should inform themselves about the requirements of owning a cat of this exotic breed. Having a hybrid cat requires a series of knowledge and assuming the responsibility that it entails. Lack of knowledge or buying cheap deals from irresponsible breeders have sad consequences. The improper holding of a Chausie can lead to significant behavior problems and a burden on caregivers.

Before acquiring a Chausie cat, you should ensure that all its natural needs for freedom and movement will be covered by you. Also, you must ensure that your feline does not get bored. It needs enough options to play, if possible, another feline as an adventure companion and, above all, time with its human for harmonious coexistence. In the same way that it loves to move, Chausie adores his family. If you can take care of this special breed properly, you will have a very cuddly and faithful kitten for many years.

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