How To Clean A Dog's Ears? Routine Deep Cleaning

How To Clean A Dog’s Ears? Routine Deep Cleaning

Having a pet is not always easy, especially when giving them the best care possible. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips regarding how to clean a dog’s ears. Ears are very delicate, and you have to know what you are doing not to cause injury to your furry friends. In addition, the ears are a place where external parasites can enter along with dirt and debris, leading to ear infections. In addition to being annoying, ear disease can potentially be fatal.

There are many ways to clean a dog’s ears. However, that does not mean that they are all correct. It is necessary to take proper care when cleaning them since they are susceptible, and any foreign object can cause damage to the ears.

You should frequently check the inner ear canal of your dog to avoid different types of diseases. It is essential to check that the ears are clean and free of waxy debris. In addition to weekly checks on your part, you should take your dog to the vet for regular checkups.

For the review and cleaning of your dog’s ears, you must attend to the following:

  • The shape of the ears
  • The size of the ears and ear flap
  • Outdoor activities that your dog participates in
  • The environment your dog is in
  • The breed of your dog

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Based on the above, your dog must have his ears cleaned once or twice a week. Of course, there will be dogs that need more cleaning than others. For example, dogs with floppy ears are at higher risk of disease. And when handling the ears, you have to be careful not to bend them too much not to split them open.

Wax in your dog’s ears can be beneficial as it helps to keep foreign elements that are harmful out of your furry friend’s ears. Dog’s create wax naturally in their ear canal to keep out debris and other critters. However, if the wax has a mild odor, strange coloration, or if there is blood, you should visit the vet. In addition, you should take note if there is excess wax build-up in the ear canal, as this should also be taken care of by a vet.

Other than dirt and debris, dogs face another risk regarding ear health is bath time, specifically when water enters their ears while bathing them. It is best to prevent this from happening by not getting their head wet. Wash their bodies, but do not submerge their heads in water or pour water on them like crazy. Make sure that no water gets into the ear canal.

Please wash your hands before doing any maneuvering on the dog’s ears. You need to have your hands very clean, so wash them with water and mild soap. Do it so that you do not cause some infection while you clean the ears.

The place you choose for cleaning your dog’s ears should have enough light so that you have a direct view of everything inside your dog’s ears. This way, you can see how much accumulated dirt your dog has in each of its ears while doing the ear cleaning.

If you are using a cloth or cotton ball, you can manipulate it with two fingers without rubbing too much inside the ear as not to accidentally scratch the ear, causing an infection.

Using Gauze To Clean Your Dog’s Ears – Prevent Ear Infection And Ear Mites

Gauze is a fairly clean and hygienic material that can be used to clean your dog’s ears. You can do this by wrapping a piece of gauze around your finger to manipulate it better and clean deeper inside the ear canal. However, this must be done without causing too much irritation.

It is important to use clean gauze for each ear, always changing it when it comes out dirty. This is the most important thing to take into account when cleaning both ears. You will see that your dog will feel much better, and you will avoid infections.

Remember that if your dog has small ears, you have to do it with more delicacy. Their little ears do not have room for our fingers, so be careful when cleaning them.

With the gauze that you have wrapped around your finger, you should clean little by little without exerting pressure or too much friction so that it does not hurt the dog.

When cleaning the dogs’ ears, it is best to use gauze so as not to damage the delicate area. Don’t ever use cotton swabs to clean your dog’s ears, as these tend to break unintentionally.

Remember, the presence of anything strange inside your dog’s ears means that it may have a more serious health problem, which you must attend to in time with the veterinarian’s help.

Recognizing Ear Diseases In Dogs

If you see your dog scratching their ears a lot or scratching with great force, these could be signs of infection.

When there is an ear infection, it will be the veterinarian who decides the treatment. Most commonly, the vet will give you drops to apply to your dog’s ears. It is best not to look for home remedies or homemade ear-cleaning solutions to treat ear infections, as these may cause more significant damage.

What are Tips When Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears?

The first thing is not to buy recommended products for regular ear cleaning or an ear cleaning solution. Ask your veterinarian before applying any ear cleaning solution to your dog’s ears.

When cleaning your dog’s ears, it is best to use dry gauze to avoid hurting the pet and introducing harmful bacteria or yeast causing a yeast infection. When you clean your dog’s ears, remember to talk with them affectionately to avoid making them feel afraid. In addition, it is best to introduce ear cleaning at a young age to get them used to it when they are older. If your dog does not allow you to clean its ears, take it to the vet and have them do it.

Remember to always ask an expert before introducing any cleaning solution into your dog’s ears, as you may cause more harm.

Apart from your dog’s diet, vaccinations, deworming, and other care, think about keeping its paws, mouth, and ears clean and free of dirt, thus avoiding diseases that are quite dangerous and can even lead to more serious health problems. Set a schedule to clean your dog’s ears regularly. Maintain a cleaning process that slowly gets improved as time goes on.

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