Dog Breeds With Wrinkles – Dog Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

Dog Breeds With Wrinkles – Dog Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

Many breeds of dogs exist in the world, each with its own defining characteristics. Some are larger than others, some are stronger than others, and some are more wrinkly than others. Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the most popular dog breeds with wrinkles.

Maybe you know someone who has one of these wrinkled dog breeds, or maybe you have spotted one while walking down the street. They are quite easy to spot as they barely have any fur and are completely made up of deep wrinkles on both their faces and bodies.

By design, dogs that have deep wrinkles all over their faces and bodies also have much thicker and loose skin compared to other breeds. These wrinkly dog breeds have inherited skin known for its higher production of hyaluronic acid in its tissue. Having reviewed some of the characteristics of wrinkly dog breeds, we now introduce to you some of the most popular wrinkly canines.

Dog Breeds With Wrinkly Skin

Shar Peis

Shar Peis are commonly thought of when thinking of wrinkly dog breeds. The Shar-Pei puppy is known for its adorable wrinkles, as wrinkles are most prevalent at this stage. Likewise, when they grow up, they remain dogs of great beauty, although they lose their wrinkles to a great extent.

Originally, Shar Peis came from China and were used as fighting dogs due to their physical strength and endurance. Shar Peis were used to aid in hunting in ancient Chinese civilization; this eventually evolved into dogfighting in which people would bet money or goods. However, at present, it is a dog that is perfectly adapted in our society, having abandoned the violence of its past to become one of the most docile and loyal dogs.

Dogue De Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the largest wrinkled dogs that can be found today. Although its body is mostly smooth, deep wrinkles can be found on its face. In ancient times, these dogs were used as home defense and guard dogs. To this day, they still make great watchdogs.

They are a breed of dog that is relatively kind and calm; they enjoy activities that involve mental stimulation as they are very intelligent. In addition, the deep wrinkles are their faces give them a rather friendly appearance. However, this appearance can be somewhat deceiving as they will attack anyone who tries to break into your house as they are very loyal and protective.

English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs, since their creation, have widely been used to help humans in the field, especially to herd livestock. They have always been closely linked to human activities; however, in today’s age, they are known for being lazy and homey dogs that enjoy lounging around and sleeping.

English Bulldogs are medium in size and tend to be very calm and peaceful, making them great dogs for your home. They enjoy resting and playing with their owners. In addition, they are very affectionate and docile dogs that make them perfect for small children. However, they can turn into chaotic balls of energy as they sometimes get bursts of hyperactivity.

Like many dogs of this type, when they are puppies, they are especially wrinkly with lots of loose skin. Although, unlike the Dogue de Bordeaux, the English Bulldog maintains its wrinkles as it grows up.


This medium-sized dog with deep wrinkles all over its body is also popularly known as the St. Humbert’s Dog. The Bloodhound is a very calm dog with a very tender and friendly character. In addition, one of its main qualities is that it is an excellent tracker.

It is for this reason that Bloodhounds are widely used for tracing and rescuing people. They have a very fine sense of smell and great investigative qualities.


The Bullmastiff, like other wrinkly breeds, are extremely wrinkly when they are puppies. However, as they grow, their wrinkles tend to disappear, and they may even end up losing them entirely on their bodies, although they will remain on their face.

They are somewhat large and fall between the category of medium and large. They are very calm and loyal dogs which is why they are often used as guard dogs. They are extremely muscular dogs, and the consequences for any potential attacker would be devastating. They enjoy running around in large, open areas, so they are great farm dogs.


The Carlino is a breed of dog that has deep-set wrinkles on its face but not on its body. Due to their adorable characteristics, they have become a very popular breed of dog around the world.

Carlinos are a very happy and playful breed of dog, so you will always have fun with all their antics. They are energetic dogs that enjoy constant attention. For these reasons, they are great dogs for children as they will both enjoy chasing each other around the yard.

However, if you are looking for a dog to accompany you on countryside adventures, you may want to continue looking as this breed has short legs and can not withstand strenuous exercise.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of wrinkled dogs. These dogs maintain their deep wrinkles throughout their lives, both on their faces and bodies. For this reason, they are considered beautiful dogs that have a very aesthetic physical appearance.

The Neapolitan Mastiff was originally used as a guard dog and hunting dog due to its tremendous size and physical capabilities. They are very affectionate, calm, friendly, and intelligent, making them extremely easy to train. They are truly gentle giants that will always protect your family.

Caring For Your Wrinkly Dog

Dog breeds with wrinkles require special care compared to their nonwrinkly counterparts. It is important to bathe them frequently, being sure to clean underneath all of their wrinkles. If you do not ensure their folds and deep wrinkles are clean, they can develop skin conditions and yeast infections on their skin.

Without regular cleaning, crevices between the wrinkles will soon become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to irritation, infection, and long-term skin problems.

Again, if you are considering bringing a wrinkly friend into your life, it is best to get them from an animal shelter or zoological center as opposed to buying a puppy. There are plenty of dogs in these centers that can’t wait to receive your love and attention.

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