Fox Terriers - Smooth And Wire Haired Coats – Dog Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

Fox Terriers – Smooth And Wire Haired Coats – Dog Breed Information – Temperament, Characteristics, Health, History, Appearance, Personality, Facts, Tips

The Fox Terrier dog breed is one of the most sociable and popular breeds that exist. However, they tend to be stubborn, so training is necessary, starting with puppies. They tend to be strong and independent characters. We have compiled a list of all of the defining characteristics of the Fox Terrier in this article.

The Fox Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet and makes excellent farm dogs. They are a small breed of brilliant and energetic dogs, needing a lot of physical exercise. However, they can easily adapt to home routines and are very loyal to their owners. In addition, they love children, which makes them great family pets.

There are two separate breeds of Fox Terrier, the Wire Fox Terrier, and the Smooth Fox Terrier. These two separate breeds share many common characteristics as they descended from the same parent breed.

Characteristics And Physical Traits Of The Fox Terrier

The original dog of this breed was used as a working dog, where it would accompany the Foxhounds in hunting foxes and locate them by barking, marking its position. They were also used to kill vermin and hunt rabbits.

At the end of the 19th century, the Fox Terrier was separated into two separate breeds: Wire Fox Terriers and the Smooth Fox Terriers.

The Wire Fox Terrier has an abundant, thick, and dense double coat type. On the other hand, Smooth Fox Terriers have a hard but very smooth and dense coat type. Among the most common colors of the Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers, as stated by the Kennel Club of England, are:

Smooth Hair Coated Fox Terrier: among the colors that stand are black and white, brown and white, tricolor, white, black and white, and white and tan.

Wire Hair Coated Fox Terrier: among the most common colors are tricolor, tan white, black and tan white, black and white, black-brown and white, black white and tan, and brown and white.

Fox Terriers weigh between 7 and 8 kilos, being strong, muscular, and short. The Fox Terrier has very defined features and is on average 39 centimeters in height; however, female Fox Terriers tend to be a little smaller.

Fox Terriers are dogs with a well-determined personality, being able to become stubborn. Therefore their training must be with a firm hand and very consistent. The training must be varied and full of many physical exercises so that they do not get bored. In addition, you must also incorporate training based on mental stimulation since they are brilliant dogs.

What Are Common Health Issues For The Fox Terrier?

Fox Terriers tend to be strong and healthy dogs as they are not prone to developing inherited genetic diseases. However, there are some common health conditions that they can suffer from:

They can suffer from patellar luxation, a disease that affects the joints of the animals’ hind knees. Here the patella is displaced from its original or correct position, and in chronic cases, both legs could be affected by this disease, for which the dog would have to be operated on.

Deafness is another common disease that Fox Terriers can suffer from, so it is important to watch their hearing and check in with your vet if you believe there is a problem.

In certain cases, Fox Terriers may suffer from Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, which affects the dog’s hip joints. This disease causes the femur head to be compromised and potentially become necrotic due to a decrease in blood pumping to the bone. This causes the bone not to fit into the hip socket, causing pain, arthritis, and even stiffness. This disease usually appears between 4 and 12 months of age of the dog.

Another disease that can affect the Fox Terrier is Primary Lens Luxation, which affects a primordial ligament and does not keep the eye’s lens in place, causing it to dislocate. This causes glaucoma to occur in the animal, and the dog can become blind. This disease typically occurs between 4 and 5 years of age.

How Do You Care For Your Fox Terrier?

The Fox Terrier breed is a very energetic and active breed, which needs at least two hours of exercise a day. Although exercise is important for your Fox Terrier, it also needs rest periods for its health and well-being.

The Smooth Fox Terrier should only be brushed on very few occasions as their dead hair tends to fall out and shed naturally. On the other hand, the Wire Fox Terrier does not tend to shed a lot of hair permanently, so it is necessary to take them to the groomer once or twice a year and brush it occasionally.

Even though it is a small dog, it has a lot of energy. For this reason, you should feed it an adequate amount of food as recommended by your veterinarian. Their diet will also depend on how active the dog is as well as its age.

As we said in previous paragraphs, the Fox Terrier is a very dynamic dog, so that it will need a lot of exercise and long walks. If you have a house with a large garden, teach the dog the routine of running in it until all its energy is drained, or else take it to the park for a run.

Also, to channel his energy, you must give him some toys to entertain himself. Finally, if you have children at home, you should teach them how to interact with the animal since combining their energy and the dog’s energy can bring about serious problems in your home.

How Do You TrainYour Fox Terrier?

As we have already expressed previously, the Fox Terrier is a dog with a very defined personality. It is usually a bit stubborn, which makes it quite dominant. Therefore, we suggest that from the beginning, you make it clear to your dog who is the boss, since because they are so dominant, they need to be clear about the authority figure. After establishing this, they will be much easier to train.

We recommend starting to train your Fox Terrier starting when the dog is three months old. You can then reinforce positive behavior in your dog, making it much calmer when it is older. Reward your dog when they correctly complete an activity or behave positively.

This dog likes to be the center of attention. That is why you will have to raise him and teach him to respect the smallest of the house. You must also teach them to socialize with the rest of the animals in your home through positive reinforcement. That is, for each good behavior with the other animals, you must reward him with a treat.

Additional Tips For Caring For Your Fox Terrier

If you have a Wire Fox Terrier, you must brush it about twice a week and take it to the groomer two to four times a year. In addition, we suggest you bathe it once a month or when it becomes dirty to avoid skin irritation and hair loss.

Whenever you take your Fox Terrier to the groomer, it is also recommended to have them trim their nails; that way, you don’t have to!

To keep your Fox Terriers teeth healthy, you should brush them once a day to avoid oral diseases.

Take your Fox Terrier to the veterinarian frequently and ensure that they are always updated on their vaccines. This will ensure your dog lives a healthy and happy life.

You can teach your dog to play with children and respect your home and property with proper training. However, watching them closely if they are playing with small children is recommended as they tend to get excited and begin to nibble at them.

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