10 Best Guardian Dogs Breeds

10 Best Guardian Dogs Breeds

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very active dogs that require regular exercise to maintain optimal health and happiness due to their high energy level. The breed is known for its willingness to learn as well as its eagerness to please its owner. German Shepherds have been used as working dogs and police dogs as they are very curious, making them one of the best guard dog breeds that are suitable for search missions and police training. Due to this curiosity, they can become overprotective of their family and territory if they are not provided with proper socialization starting at a young age.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and obedient dogs. They are known for being fearless and rushing into danger to assist their owners. They are naturally protective of their homes and property and will always alert you if there is a strange person or noise. However, if you welcome a stranger into your home, your Shepherd dog will welcome them as well. This breed is able to get along with other people and pets if they are socialized, starting at a young age.

These dogs require a purpose within your home and will need a job and mental stimulation to prevent them from developing aggressive behaviors. You should provide them with tasks that provide them with both physical exercise and mental stimulation. German Shepherds are extremely smart dogs that need consistent obedience training from a strong owner. If you do not put their brain to work and use their intelligence, they will engage in destructive alternatives, and you may come home to find your house destroyed. However, with proper training and daily exercise, they make great family companions.


The Boxer is indeed a family dog ​​today, but it is also a good guardian and protector, as well as a great rescue, companion, or sport dog. With his good and playful nature, he can even act as a babysitter and playmate.

He will courageously carry out any task entrusted to him. This trait is mainly because Boxers are usually eager to do what is asked of them. For this reason, it is not difficult to train them. They are characterized by being simple animals that learn quickly and have an innocent sympathy for people. Thanks to their calm and serene nature, they are exceptional family dogs and are comfortable even with young children; even the most unruly do not make them lose their extraordinary patience. They love children more than anything and like to play even when they are older.

Faced with a stranger, at first, they are suspicious and distant and would not hesitate to defend and protect their family if necessary. His courage and determination make him a very reliable watchdog, even compared to other guardian breeds. A Boxer will never attack or bite without reason; if its owner indicates that there is no reason to be alarmed, it will not take long to be convinced of the good intentions of the visitor and will be open to making a new friendship.

His innate temperance and remarkable self-assurance give him constant self-control, and make his features, at first glance contradictory, form a complete whole.


In England, it was used mainly as an elegant guard escort for carriages. It became famous as a companion to fire trucks in America, which horses drew in ancient times. Even today, he serves as a companion to some units of the American fire brigade.

The two most important things for this striking breed are family contact and plenty of exercise. Dalmatians are very active domestic dogs that, at home, can be very calm and cuddly, but outdoors they do their best to deplete their energy levels. These active and sporty dogs have a lot of stamina.

They can run alongside the bike for hours and love to accompany their humans when they go for a run. But they also entertain themselves by swimming, retrieving objects, playing or taking long walks in the woods or fields, where they can move freely, and practicing other sports for dogs. These intelligent and energetic dogs like physical and mental challenges and are very eager to learn little tricks for dogs.

Dalmatians like to be in the company of either their family or with other animals. They like to be part of everything that happens. They are considered a very adaptable and cheerful furry, as long as they are physically and mentally busy. However, they are susceptible and prefer to withdraw in times of family tension.

Education also brings to light the loving character of dogs, which react much more to praise and affectionate rewards than to severity. Under coercion and too much pressure, the self-assured Dalmatian can become stubborn and begin to act independently, which in most cases is not what was intended to be achieved.


People with the time and passion for dedicating themselves to this multi-challenged breed, provide it with consistent and appropriate education, a close family relationship, and comprehensive mental and physical stimulation will earn a faithful Rottweiler for life. This will not just be a guard dog, but a great unconditional, friendly and noble friend.

The standard of this dog breed of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognizes the Rottweiler as number 147 within Group 2 together with the Molossian type dogs, the pinschers, the schnauzers, and the Swiss Cattle dogs. The Rottweiler is known for its friendly and fun-loving nature and being very obedient, child-friendly, and extremely cuddly.

Despite its natural calm temperament, in many countries, these qualities have been discredited and classified as a dangerous breed. In inaction and horror movies, the Rottweiler is often seen as an aggressive beast always ready to bite. Even in the real world, there is a cliche that this breed of dog is prone to attack.

However, the blame for these beliefs rests with their former owners, who trained Rottweilers to be biting machines by treating them carelessly and recklessly. This distorted view of Rottweilers is compounded by ignorance regarding educating them, which has led to their aggressive character being exposed.

Thus, the calm nature of these dogs can evolve and become more aggressive depending on the specific behavior of their owner, as is the case with most breeds of animals.

Chow Chow

These dogs are believed to have influenced the depiction of Foo’s lions, which stand as guardians in front of many Chinese buildings (similar to the lion statues that can be seen throughout Europe). In ancient times, the Chow Chows were the guardians of the temples in China, Mongolia, and Tibet.

It is often said that the nature of the Chow Chow is more like that of a cat than that of a dog: it is said that whoever has a Chow Chow does not have it for a long time. What does this mean? These quadrupeds do not have a highly developed desire to please their human and are not very submissive. On the contrary, they have their own will. They are rather reserved with strangers and with other dogs. Unless these are in their territory, they can become unpleasant.

This distrust of strangers and their territorial behavior makes Chow Chows excellent watchdogs. However, as such, or when meeting other dogs, aggressions difficult to control can occur if education has been poor. Above all, dogs of the same sex can be problematic even if they are quadrupeds of other breeds.

When meeting smaller dogs, you also have to be careful, as they could awaken the dog’s hunting instinct. Early socialization is vital in this breed. The dog is a comfortable quadruped that exudes tranquility and calm. Letting the chow run free and of a leash is impossible due to its great hunting instinct and the fact that it does not always obey when called.


To avoid unpleasant encounters, it is best not to leave an Akita Inu alone with children or guests. This Japanese breed likes to be calm and have everything under control. He does not like contact with unknown people or animals. However, he needs the closeness of his relatives because when alone, this independent dog looks for means and opportunities to entertain himself. While at home, he has dignified tranquility. Outside he tends to hunt. Of course, to have this stubborn furry under control, it is necessary to have a good hand, empathy, and knowledge.

It has become clear that an Akita Inu is willing to follow a person, as long as he knows how to educate him with a lot of patience, love, and consequence. However, a human who guides him since he was a puppy shows him where the limits are and tolerates his stubbornness. He will find in the Akita Inu a wonderful and faithful companion who will always be protecting his family.

The loyalty of the Japanese Akita Inu Hachikō has made him a legend. So much so that in 2009 a movie was made about this story, co-starring the famous actor Richard Gere. In the 1920s, Hachikō accompanied his human to the Shibuya train station in Tokyo every morning and picked him up every afternoon at the same time. When his human died, Hachikō continued to wait, for nearly 10 years (until his own death), for his friend to return. A statue and the name “Hachikō Exit” at the west exit of Shibuya Station still remind us of the famous Akita Inu today.

Cane Corso

This ancient breed of dog, the Cane Corso, is what we currently know as the Italian Mastiff, also called the Italian Corso dog. It is one of the most incredible breeds of dog, and the meaning of its name derives from the Latin word “cohors,” which means “guardian,” or “bodyguard,” in addition, this word in old Italian would mean “robust.”

The Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff, has a quite energetic and agile character, always ready to face challenges and tests. However, it is necessary for them to be trained with positive reinforcement from a young age in order to achieve their healthy integration and socialization with other pets and people.

If you, as the owner, show a firm and consistent foundation from the beginning, this dog will know how to respect the authority figure, but not before testing you to see how far it can go since they tend to be very persistent.

In general, the Cane Corso responds wonderfully to training, becoming an incredible family dog, not at all aggressive, rather docile and friendly with children.

It is also a very intelligent and hardworking breed of dog. This dog is commonly used in hunting and protection activities, which is why training is important as the Cane Corso has a dominant nature. You should start by teaching your Cane Corso how to “sit” and “lay down”; after it does these commands correctly, you should reward them with its favorite treats.

English Mastiff

The combination of his respectable appearance, his nerves of steel, and his good sense make him ideal as a guard dog, a role he often still performs in his home country of England. In other European countries, this uncommon furry is especially appreciated as a good-natured and personable family dog.

It stands out for having a very high sensitivity threshold. Noise, stress, or other animals cannot disturb this calm quadruped. His enviable calm, restraint, and high sensitivity have caused him to be known as the Gentle Giant in his home country, England. Furthermore, they make him an excellent family dog, but he has also had some success as a therapy dog.

Unlike its ancestors, who impressed the sands with their fearlessness in fighting bears and bulls, the modern Mastiff has hardly any fighting features. However, contrary to what some believe, the English Mastiff is still a fearless dog. He would not hesitate to take on attackers in situations where the safety of his humans is in jeopardy.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a sleek, athletic, and incredibly loyal breed of dog. They are known for being one of the best guard dogs around the world. This sleek and powerful breed has both a strong physique and a developed intelligence. This fearless breed is known for its noble position among other dog breeds. Below we will discuss everything you want to know about the Doberman Pinscher, including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, and what it takes to raise your very own Doberman Pinscher; ensuring a happy and healthy coexistence.

The Doberman Pinscher is an adventurous and loyal companion that is a very obedient dog. They are always ready to face whatever mental challenge comes their way and love engaging in training activities with their owner. These dogs require lots of socializing starting when they are puppies to prevent them from becoming aggressive towards other people and animals. They are known for being quite dominating and overbearing. But, this can be changed with proper training.

Dobermans tend to be shy around new people and can be aggressive towards dogs that they do not know. This trait has made them great companions in different roles, such as being police and military dogs. You should never leave your Doberman alone as they are very social animals that require love and affection from their owners. If you do not provide them with adequate socialization, they will become aggressive towards everyone they encounter.

You should start training your Doberman puppy the day that you bring him into your home. Even dogs that are only eight weeks old can begin to learn obedience training. The sooner you start teaching your dog how to behave, the easy it will be to get along in the future. With proper training, they will make a great family pet and family protector.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is known for being a more aggressive breed of dog. However, this quality is what makes them excellent guard dogs. They are very loyal and require ample training to turn them into good family pets.

The past associated with horrendous dogfighting, on the one hand, and irresponsible caretakers, on the other, have greatly discredited the Pit Bull. The truth is that poorly socialized Pit Bulls can be very aggressive towards people and animals because they are fearless and ready to attack (which they were bred for previously). However, as for humans, this race is usually quite subdued, which was necessary in times of fighting, as a person had to separate them without being attacked.

As with most of these dogs, the pit bull shows that danger emanates from the other end of its leash, that is, from the person who breeds or cares for it. That is why American pit bulls that have been thoroughly socialized are considered tame.

Together with their intelligent nature and joviality, they are ideal dogs for sports families and good companions for children. However, their subordination is a quality that makes them poor watchdogs. In general, in this breed or its variants, the origin, socialization, and education determine factors for a relaxed coexistence. If one of these pillars wobbles, the dog can become dangerous, so inexperienced people should not take this risk.

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