Are Laser Pointers Harmful For Cats Safety? Why They Might Be Bad For Your Cat

Are Laser Pointers Harmful For Cats Safety? Why They Might Be Bad For Your Cat

The laser pointer is a toy for cats with which you should take certain precautions. However, there is a great controversy as to whether laser pointers are a suitable toy for cats. In this article, we present a series of aspects for you to weigh the pros and cons of laser for cats and draw your own conclusion.

Playing with laser pointer toys only stimulates the cat’s eyes; once they focus on the laser dot, nothing else seems to matter. Unlike most cat toys, the laser does not use the sense of smell, taste, or hearing. However, the intervention of these senses is critical, above all, because it coincides with the conditions that cats experience in nature, thus bringing out their natural behavior.

As a general rule, it is preferable to use those toys and environments that best imitate the events of the natural environment of kittens. Only then will your cat enjoy a life adapted to its needs and truly be full of happiness.

Because playing with the laser does not in itself convey a sense of accomplishment or end in a successful hunt where your little cat can catch his prey late in the game, he may become frustrated and overly excited. Consequently, at the end of the game, the cat may not be able to disconnect and continues to search nervously for the moving red dot on the ground as he still has a heightened mental stimulation.

On the other hand, the laser beam is harmful to the eyes, so you should never look directly into the laser light or let your kitty look into the laser toy. Cats’ eyes are much more sensitive than those of people, allowing them to see well even at night as this aids them in hunting prey.

You should also be aware that laser pointers can injure cats’ sensitive eyes if they are used on reflective surfaces, including reflective floors, such as decking and the like. In the worst case, it can cause blindness and high veterinary costs.

laser toy for cats

Therefore, only people who know how to use it should play with a laser pointer with kittens. Otherwise, the danger of irreparable and permanent eye damage to the cat or person would be too great in the worst case.

Advantages Of A Laser Pointer Toy

What are the advantages of laser pointers as cat toys? If you use this luminous toy in a conscious, controlled way and for a limited period of time, it can be a fascinating and entertaining object for your little feline. Unfortunately, however, some cats show no interest in this toy, which offers a deceptive hunting experience.

Laser pointers are great fun for playful cats. However, as we have already mentioned, the most important thing is to prevent the laser beam from reaching the eye of the person and, above all, of the feline, given its high sensitivity.

A flashlight can produce a similar effect on kitties without the risks of lasers. Balls, cat rods, and other hunting toys similar to mice are also very entertaining. Unlike lasers, with this type of toy, the little feline does experience the sensation of success in catching its prey as in nature and receives positive mental stimulation.

Unfortunately, the laser pointer does not provide this sense of accomplishment when hunting, which is important for the cat’s satisfaction. Since the cat cannot catch this imaginary prey offered by the laser pointer, it can be rewarded with snacks.

Another option is that towards the end of the hunt, the pointer is placed on a red object such as a cushion for cats so that the feline can experience a successful hunt as in nature and not get frustrated by not being able to catch the prey. Also, in this way, the cat can release the energy accumulated during the wild hunting party.

Are Laser Pointers Harmful For Cats Safety? Why They Might Be Bad For Your Cat

How to avoid the possible dangers of the laser pointer

Never point the laser beam directly at your kitty’s eyes. However, in general, cats tend to look at the ground to find the laser dot and do not look at the device. However, a lot of caution and careful handling of the toy is required.

Start by pointing the laser at the ground so that the kitten does not look at the toy by mistake but rather the red dot on the ground. As soon as he has observed the laser dot, you can settle in and entertain him as you please from the sofa.

On the other hand, physical exercise is not only good for the cat but also the owner. From this point of view, the laser pointer could be considered a convenience product that benefits, above all, people. Also, the laser pointer experience is far from resembling hunting for prey in the wild.

Are Laser Pointers Harmful For Cats Safety? Why They Might Be Bad For Your Cat

Are there harmless laser pointers?

There are some laser pointers for cats that are considered to be safe for animals and felines. According to the manufacturers, these devices do not harm the eyes, even if they are briefly fixed on the direct light of the laser. In this case, the low radiation reduces the risk of eye injury.

However, while using the laser pointer, you must always remember its risks and be very careful when handling it. After all, laser beams consist of highly concentrated light.

Avoid buying these types of toys from unreliable sellers because the item may not meet the necessary standards. In some cases, the maximum allowed values ​​are exceeded up to one hundred times which can cause serious damage to your furry friend.

What is completely discouraged, and all cat experts agree on this, is acquiring a laser pointer that works randomly or automatic laser toys. By shooting a highly concentrated beam of light randomly across the room, they pose an incalculable risk to the animal’s eyes and, of course, those of people as well.

What other toys are suitable for my cat?

A flashlight has a similar stimulating effect on kitties without the risk of the laser. Balls, cat rods, and other similar toys are great for entertaining your kitty. Also, your cat will be able to catch them after the hunt, just as they would with prey in the wild.

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