The Benefits Of Petting Your Dog

The Benefits Of Petting Your Dog

Unconditional love, devoted companion, and constant entertainment; these are just a few of the reasons why people have fallen in love with dogs. However, is there a deeper reason as to why people love dogs so much?

Every day, science provides new and exciting breakthroughs that many people would have never imagined. Some of these breakthroughs involve our everyday health. Until recently, no study had been done that examined the positive impact that dogs have on the health of their human counterparts. This article will discuss some of these many benefits and why you should consider bringing a furry friend into your life…your health may depend on it!

Living With A Dog – The Emotional Benefit

Stroking our dog is very beneficial both emotionally and organically. There are so many reasons why we should spend more time with our pets. Still, unfortunately, the daily routine, our daily activities such as work, school, homework, and other types of activities, keep us so busy that we seem to forget about spending time with our pets. But it is not about an abandoned dog, but rather that we have not organized our time and activities so that we can provide our pet with the attention it needs.

To encourage you to spend more time with your pet, this time, we want to mention the incredible benefits of stroking your dog. You can not even imagine to what extent petting it every day, even for a few minutes, can have on your health and the health of your dog. Please pay close attention to the information you will see throughout this article, as it is beneficial to both you and your furry friend.

There are scientific and psychological studies showing that people who regularly live with pets maintain a better quality of health. Precisely one of these studies was carried out at the University of Miami, where the doctor of psychology, Alle R. McConnell, revealed that people who have pets and live with them have a potentially more stable mental health state than those who do not have pets.

For dogs, there are also many benefits to living with humans. First, remember that it is essential to spend quality time with your pet every day. Dogs are very susceptible to emotional changes, and negative emotions can cause them to enter a state of canine depression. Living with a human being helps them feel that there is emotional support in their lives, someone who gives them peace of mind and makes them feel complete and protected.

Remember that dogs are one of the most intelligent, faithful, and loving animals that exist; therefore, the love that your dog gives you is the purest love that can exist.

Reduces the risk of mental illness

One of the benefits of stroking our dog is that when we live with our pet, we develop an emotional bond that allows us to generate affection and empathy for other living beings and other animals. People who have some mental illness or degenerative brain disorder have shown considerable improvements after living with pets.

It seems that dogs are the best therapeutic aids when it comes to treating some mental illnesses. In fact, people who have pets are notoriously less likely to develop a mental illness, especially if they have lived with animals from a very early age.

In older adults, the responsibility of having to care for a pet and the care that comes with caring for a dog are factors that have shown that older adults who care for dogs take longer to show signs of senile dementia than adults seniors who do not live with pets.

They help us to overcome emotional traumas. It may have happened to you in your life if you have a pet that when you are discouraged, you sit on the couch, in a corner, or on your bed with your dog, and you caress him. When you are in a low mood, petting your dog will serve you very well to positively release your emotions while feeling the emotional support you need.

Mood Perception

Dogs can perceive the moods of other people, so it is possible that at some point when you were sad that your dog approached you; this is because the dog knows that you are sad and wants to comfort you. It is possible that in this type of situation, the dog approaches you, showing the upper part of its head in a vulnerable way so that you can caress it. It is also possible that the dog wants to give you a few licks, as this is an instinctive way that dogs use to calm other dogs, and he may want to use it on you.

Reduction In Stress

Petting your dog reduces levels of stress and anxiety in humans and dogs. When you notice that your dog is too anxious and restless, spend time with him and especially caress him, it will help him feel calmer and reduce anxiety levels. Dogs can present anxiety for many reasons, from genetic predisposition, lifestyle, and even when they have spent time away from the owner, which generates separation anxiety in the dog. In these cases, the best thing you can do is calmly approach your dog, distract him and relax him through caresses and your voice. This way, the dog will feel more secure.

Petting your pet will not only reduce the symptoms of stress in the dog, but it can also help you in the same situation. When you feel too stressed, remember that you have a pet who is willing to accompany you at all times, so correspond to that attitude with gratitude.

When you are going through a tough time and have a lot of stress, go to where your pet is, talk to him, play with him, find the leash and take your dog for a walk. Taking fresh air while living with your pet is a very effective way to reduce the stress levels that are weighing you down. In addition to doing physical activity, it will be very beneficial for both at an organic level.

It has also been shown that people with pets have lower blood pressure and heart rate in stressful situations compared to those people without pets. One study that was done even found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted a dog from an animal shelter, their blood pressure declined significantly within the first five months!


Living with a dog makes us more understanding and social beings. People who live with animals are much more compassionate, understanding, and social than the average of people who have not had the opportunity or the pleasure of having a pet. In fact, although it may sound impressive, people who have had pets throughout their lives are less likely to develop emotional disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder, sociopathy, or psychosis. It seems that the fact of seeing and appreciating other lives from an unselfish perspective allows the human being to expand his emotions in a more disinterested way with other living beings.

People who live with other pets also have a greater facility to develop emotional relationships and coexistence with other people, especially if they have had pets since childhood.

Protective Beings

One of the most faithful domestic animals that can exist is the dog. Dogs are known to be excellent guardians, protectors of other pets and animals, and protectors of us humans.

Having a dog is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to someone in life because, as we have mentioned before, the love and loyalty of a dog are unconditional and eternal. Therefore, your dog will always seek your well-being, and He will always be willing to do everything to protect you as long as that loving bond exists between the dog and the owner.

Dogs also like to be protective with children, as they detect the vulnerability of other beings they consider similar, so they will want to protect them. So do not be afraid that your dog lives with a child because it will surely be his best ally if your dog is well educated.

With the aforementioned, we do not mean that you use your dog as if it were a tool. Dogs are not weapons or fighting objects. If we learn to live together and respect the dog’s nature, the dog will offer us his love and protection. But if we are evil and see the dog as a tool whose usefulness is based on personal protection, we will only be objectifying the animals, and that is also a form of abuse.

Companions For Children

They are the best companions for babies and children. We have previously mentioned that dogs have a highly developed protective instinct. They are animals that take pleasure in caring for other beings, especially puppies, children, and other pets in their environment.

Allowing children to grow up with dogs will help children in many ways. On the one hand, children will have better emotional and intellectual development. On the other hand, as we have mentioned, people who live with pets from a very early age are less likely to suffer from an emotional disorder.

Children who live with animals have a considerably stronger immune system than normal. Those children who grow up overprotected, whose parents do not allow their children to play outdoors or live with animals for fear of diseases transmitted by dogs, have a deficient immune system compared to children who have lived with animals.

It turns out that depriving children of this type of thing makes the immune system unable to strengthen itself, since excess hygiene and cleanliness, rather than helping to protect children, end up preventing them from generating antibodies and their own defenses against germs, viruses, parasitic bacteria and other pathogens that become potentially dangerous over time.

In fact, children who live with dogs, even as babies, develop fewer allergies than those children who grew up in immaculate environments without animals.

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