Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer - Animal Behavior - Dog Training – Obedience, Tips and Tricks, Basics Commands, Techniques

Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer – Animal Behavior – Dog Training – Obedience, Tips and Tricks, Basics Commands, Techniques

Have you ever thought about becoming a dog trainer? Becoming a dog trainer is a very rewarding career. There are many people in the world who really love dogs and want to make a career out of caring for furry friends around their city. Being a dog trainer can be an incredibly fun as well as a rewarding experience. It is the ideal job for dog lovers as you will spend your day surrounded by dogs. In addition, you get to help create a happy and healthy relationship between the dog and the owners.

One thing to consider is that many people often come to a dog trainer when they have a problem with the relationship between them and their dog. This may mean that you are working with dogs that have developed a high level of separation anxiety or other issues that cause behavior-related problems. It can be a very stressful and challenging job at times, trying to help other dog owners deal with such issues during training sessions. You also need to be prepared that not all dog training results in a positive ending for the dog and the owner.

When it comes to training dogs, it usually involves a lot more than just teaching the dog how to do tricks and obedience training. Effective training often involves teaching the owners new techniques, which require patience and the ability to work with a variety of learning styles.

Below we will cover some of the tips and training that you should complete to become the most effective dog trainer. There is much more to being a good dog trainer than just owning or training your own dog; there is a lot more that you should do to be the best trainer possible.

Start By Training Your Own Dog

The first step that you should complete in your journey to becoming a dog trainer is to train your own dog. If you don’t have a dog of your own, ask a friend if you can spend some time training their dog by teaching them some basic obedience training and various other commands. Once you have taught the dog some basic commands, you should progress to more advanced skills such as staying put in the face of external stimuli. In addition to obedience training, you can also train your dog how to participate in a dog sport. This includes working on technical training.

In addition to the above training, you can work on behavior modification and work on correcting any problem behaviors that the dog exhibits. In the end, your dog does not have to be perfect at all of the things that you teach; you just need to demonstrate that you are able to train a dog. It is important to acquire a skill set that includes various training techniques and methods. Your future clients will likely have a variety of issues or training that they would like their dog to complete. All of the experience you have before starting official dog training will be extremely important in increasing your ability. Volunteering at an animal shelter is also a great way to grow your knowledge and training skill set. This will also expose you to a variety of dogs. 

Teach Other People How To Train Their Dogs

After you have worked on training your own dog, you can begin helping other people with training their dogs. The secret of being a good dog trainer is that you teach the owner of the dog to effectively implement your training techniques. One of your main jobs will be teaching the owner how to train their dog at home on their own. This means that you will not only have to have great skills in regard to interacting with a dog, but you will also need to have great people skills.

It is important that you dedicate your time not only to acquiring new dog training techniques but also spend time working with people and interacting with clients. This is best accomplished by starting to work with family and friends by teaching them techniques to training their own dogs. Once you master this skill, you are much closer to becoming a professional dog trainer.

Education Requirments

There are currently no federal or state certifications that are required to become a dog trainer. However, there are several certifications that are available to appear more official and certified. Dog trainers that are certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers must continue to pursue their education and acquire credits on a regular schedule to maintain their certification.

In addition to pursuing a formal training class and education, you can begin working as a dog training apprentice underneath a professional dog trainer. This will provide you with hands-on training and expand your skillset for the future.

Dog Trainer Program

There are some people who prefer to pursue a more formal education when it comes to dog training. If you are someone who likes more structure and to be guided by a basic curriculum, you should consider attending dog training school. There are several dog training schools available across the country that offer classes throughout the year.

The length of these training programs varies depending on what type of certification you are looking for and how much prior experience you have received.


Once you have completed some training courses and programs, and you have continued to develop your skills and show interest in becoming a dog trainer, you can then move on to starting an apprenticeship under an experienced trainer. Some people even choose to skip the professional dog training schools and go straight to working underneath a dog trainer. Many times, this experience is more valuable than paying thousands of dollars to attend a dog training school, as you will be receiving real-world experience with your apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship will provide you with hands-on experience in how to be a dog trainer as well as how to operate your own dog training business. Most of the time, apprentices are required to start with the basic operations of running a dog training center, such as kennel chores and cleaning duties. Once you have learned the basics of the operation, you will progress to more advanced training and begin to learn how to do dog training.

The apprenticeship period can last anywhere from several months to even several years, depending on what experience you had before starting the apprenticeship as well as the amount of time that you would like to spend in training. Once you are confident in your abilities to offer dog training, you are ready to start your own dog training business!

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