The Saluki is an ancient breed of dog that is highly revered by those who study history and love more exotic dogs. It is believed to have Arab origins, although its lineage dates back to Egyptian times as stone images have been discovered depicting the Saluki. It was eventually the Bedouin people who gave them the task of hunting smaller animals.

The Saluki has remained one of the most accepted, appreciated, and loved dogs in the world, originating from the east and moving west to win the hearts of families everywhere.

At the end of the 18th century, the Saluki arrived in Europe. Then at the beginning of the 19th century, it entered Great Britain, spreading throughout the continent quickly due to its beauty, style, personality, and appearance. They are lovely dogs with a fairly calm temperament.

The Salukis were considered godly beings, much like the great pharaohs. For this reason, they were embalmed the same as their owners and buried with them at the time of their death. Many different mummies of the Saluki have been found that are similar to what they are like today.

The Saluki As A Hunter

The Saluki breed dog, as we have already told you, was bred to hunt different smaller prey, such as hares and rabbits. Still, its character is rather friendly, which has made it a race that has the duality of being a companion and guardian. Having tremendous speed, the Saluki was used by the Arabs to track and bring down gazelle, the fastest of the antelopes.

In addition to this, it is presented as a noble dog, also centered with a peaceful condition. However, they are solid and agile due to their physical appearance, always following the orders of a single owner but respecting the other participants of the family.

Personality of The Saluki

The Saluki is a dog that gets along with everyone, even with the smallest of the house. However, games that are rather strong or energetic do not fair well with them as their gentle nature tends to make them more reserved. If you have another dog in your house, it may not be the best idea to get a Saluki, especially if your dog is small as they may see them as possible prey.

It is a dog that is usually very calm and calm, so they are not dangerous to have in homes. Also, with a little care, you can count on them as faithful pets and companions, especially for children.

Characteristics Of The Saluki

Salukis have a smooth coat with a soft, silky texture and a slight amount of feathering on the legs, the back of the thighs, and sometimes on the shoulder. The feathered variety has long hair on their ears, tail, between their toes, and sometimes on the backs of their legs.

Salukis are well built with strong and athletic frames. They have a rather thin body that is similar to that of the greyhound. In addition, they have a long skinny heads with light brown eyes and large necks and chests.

Salukis come in a variety of colors like cream, beige, white, gold, black, and red, or a combination of any of these colors. It has a unique coat that goes from a smooth texture to a more curly one at the bottom; this is strongly reflected in its tall and legs. To maintain this beautiful coat, they require weekly brushing and bathing at least once a month.

Salukis make great pets due to their calm and intelligent nature. They usually want to play but will strongly reject rudeness or extreme activity, so you must educate your children to not be too aggressive with them. These dogs are extremely loyal and protective of their families; therefore, they can display episodes of mistrust around strangers as they feel uneasy. For this reason, they need to be trained starting at an early age by socializing them with other dogs and pets.

Salukis are loyal and faithful to their owner, to family members, and to those it knows. For this reason, it is a wonderful specimen that has the possibility of living well in a quiet and loving environment. Salukis are brilliant and learn quickly, although they tend not to pay much attention if they feel bored or have little desire to learn, which should be changed by some form of expressiveness or tools that they like.

Salukis also make excellent guard dogs if they are taught, starting when they are a puppy, the functions that they must perform.

Health Of The Saluki

The Saluki is a fairly strong and healthy breed of dog. However, problems in the digestive system can occur due to episodes of anxiety, fear, or stress to which they are very susceptible, but with care, they can be prevented. Daily exercise in the form of free running in an enclosed and safe area, jogging, and long on-leash walks is a must for the Saluki.

In addition to anxiety-related conditions, the Saluki is also prone to joint issues as they reach an older age; one of these common issues is hip dysplasia.

The Saluki is a breed of dog that has quite delicate skin as well as a short coat that prevents it from protecting it from any element of the environment, so you may have to take care of it from constant heat or intense cold during the summer and winter months.

It is important that you keep it indoors and only take it out for a walk when necessary, especially if it is cold, or place protection on its body to protect it from the elements.

You must never leave your Saluki alone for extended periods of time as this can cause them to develop separation anxiety and become stressed out and scared. In addition, it is important to keep their coat clean and neat to prevent the onset of unwanted skin issues and irritation. Salukis need a large space to run around in, so they are not the best dogs for apartment living. They also need a diet that consists of quality health ingredients to prevent unwanted sickness.

The Saluki, A Dog Of The Gods

Salukis were revered by ancient people as being a dog descended directly from the gods. They were venerated by the people of ancient Egypt due to their noble behavior and appearance. The Saluki is one of the oldest breeds of dog known to man. In addition, they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and are capable of understanding complex tasks and commands, as long as they do not become distracted.

Due to their revered status, excavations have uncovered the mummified remains of Salukis in Egypt. They were typically dogs belonging to royalty and were thus mummified and buried with their owners. This ancient breed was thought to be a divine being sent to be part of humanity.

Caring For Your Saluki

Salukis have many needs that must be met with care and dedication; as long as there is a relationship of trust, love, and understanding between their owners and the dog, they are quite easy to care for. It is important to take your Saluki for regular checkups at the vet to ward off any unwanted diseases and health issues.

It is important to begin socializing and training your Saluki at a young age, so they get along well with other family members and pets. This can be done through positive reinforcement training and strong leadership.

If your Saluki experiences negative health effects or is presenting some sort of illness,s it is best to seek the recommendation of an expert in case they are suffering from a more serious health issue. Keep in mind that having a pet is not easy, and it can be more difficult if it is an exotic breed as they tend to need special care, more training, and require lots of love and attention.

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