What Do Dogs Sleep Postures Mean?

What Do Dogs Sleep Postures Mean?

Dogs adopt different sleeping postures, each of which will mean a different thing. From being very comfortable to feeling somewhat unprotected, the postures will help us discover how our dog feels while sleeping. Some postures are more common than others, and each dog is different and can adopt its own that has nothing to do with the ordinary. However, in general, all dogs tend to sleep more or less using the same postures, and many studies agree that when a dog chooses it, it is for a specific reason related to its mood and behavior. In addition, we must know that if a dog sleeps much more than normal, it may be due to being unwell or having a disease.

  • 1 Sleeping on your side
  • 2 Sleeping on its legs
  • 3 Sleeping face down
  • 4 Sleeping fully stretched
  • 5 Sleeping in a ball
  • 6 Sleeping with the legs up
  • 7 How much does a dog sleep? Sleeping on its side Sleeping on its side is a very normal posture, and also the one chosen by most dogs on many occasions. In this position they leave the limbs somewhat exposed, thus demonstrating great confidence and tranquility in the environment that surrounds them. They will be calm and carefree, but also ready to react to any problems that may arise. Dogs that sleep on their sides will be very comfortable, and that is precisely why many choose it.
    However, they should feel safe and protected to choose this position, so it is normal for some dogs to opt for another at first, especially adopted dogs that may have been abused previously. Of course, with the passage of time they will feel more comfortable, and it is essential to make any dog ​​feel comfortable and protected in his own home, so that he can adopt this very pleasant position to fall asleep. Sleeping on its legs When the dog sleeps on its legs, it tends to pick up the hind legs and sleep on the front legs, in a similar way as they would do without a pillow. A dog that sleeps in this way will be very comfortable and relaxed, feeling that he is in a pleasant environment and with a perfect temperature for him. It is very likely that a dog that sleeps in this way will get a deep sleep, although there are also those who claim that it is simply the position chosen by dogs that are very nervous. Whatever the reason, what is clear is that a dog sleeping with his head on his front legs will be very comfortable and will enjoy a deep and pleasant sleep. Sleeping face down There are dogs that sleep as if they had just fallen on the ground, lying down and with their paws on both sides of the body. It is a very normal position in puppies, because when they have spent a long time playing and are very tired they simply drop to sleep. It is also a normal posture in brachycephalic dogs, such as the Pug or Pug, as in this way they can breathe better and cool their body more and be more comfortable at bedtime.
    However, when an adult dog that is not brachycephalic adopts this position, it is normal that it is because he is not yet completely relaxed. Therefore, it is the position chosen by the most nervous, who will always be willing to get up at the slightest sign that something is happening. This position is usually chosen just before adopting another with which they will be able to sleep soundly. Sleeping fully stretched A dog that sleeps fully stretched will be face down with the legs stretched out at both ends of the body. In fact, on many occasions this posture is known as Superman, since the legs are placed in a similar way to his arms while he flies.
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    It is likely that the dog will sleep like this after having done a great physical activity, such as having practiced sports. He will fall asleep in the first place he finds when he gets home, so he will drop down and adopt this position. It can also be because they are very hot, as it is a way to be cooler thanks to the temperature of the ground since their extremities are not glued to their body.
    Dogs that adopt this posture will be very happy and relaxed resting after a great activity or simply because it is too hot. Sleeping in a ball This is the position chosen by many dogs to sleep comfortably, snuggling so that their body forms a circle, with the face in contact with the hind legs. Normally, dogs will choose this position to sleep when they are cold, as it will help them stay warm. In addition, this posture will also help protect them, even when the dog lives in a quiet home where there is no danger.
    Some experts claim that dogs that sleep in this pose, called the fox pose, are very friendly and funny. Others, however, disagree, and think that a dog chooses to sleep in this way simply to maintain its body temperature or to protect itself.
    Many dogs wrap their tails around themselves when sleeping this way, and it is especially popular with puppies, although many adult dogs will love snuggling this way at bedtime as well. Sleeping with their paws up Dogs that sleep with their paws up will be extremely comfortable and thoroughly enjoying the moment. There is no confusion when deciphering why dogs choose this position, and it will be the moment when they are most calm and comfortable. It is normal that many times they even let out a grunt to show how relaxed they are.
    Do not disturb a dog that is sleeping this way, as it will be having such a good time that it is better to let it relax and enjoy the moment. A dog that sleeps in this way will not have any concern, and by showing its most vulnerable parts while sleeping it is indicating that it feels very comfortable and protected at home. For this reason, it is normal that dogs that have just arrived home do not adopt this position to sleep as they do not yet feel very comfortable or with great confidence. How much does a dog sleep? A dog usually sleeps about 13 hours throughout the day, never in a row. Also, this is the general rule, but there are many factors that can cause the dog to sleep more. For example, age influences the sleeping hours of dogs, as puppies and the elderly tend to sleep more than adult dogs. Also, as can be expected, it is normal for a dog that has done a lot of physical activity to be tired and want to spend more time sleeping.
    However, if the dog sleeps much more than normal and there is no obvious reason for it, it is likely that he is sick or ill. In this case, it would not be a bad thing to take him to the vet for examination, as many serious problems are better treated if they are diagnosed at the beginning. In addition, as with any dog, regardless of whether it sleeps more or less, it will be essential that you keep your vaccination schedule up to date to avoid possible diseases.

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