Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog is a lovely and active breed of dog. Without a doubt, when you finish reading this post, you will have fallen in love with this beautiful breed that is intelligent, sociable, and fun.

The Spanish Water Dog arrived in Spain through the southern border of the Iberian Peninsula, caused by the Arab invasions. They arrived on boats with the Arabs because they were excellent helper dogs in regard to fishing, hence its name.

History Of The Spanish Water Dog

In the beginning, this type of dog was well known for the “barbet dog,” whose descendant breeds are: a poodle and other types of water dog breeds such as Portuguese, French, and Roman. According to the researchers, the Spanish Water Dog has been present in the Iberian Peninsula since 1100 BC.

But this wonderful dog would arrive on the European continent in the 8th century in the middle of the Islamic invasions. This is confirmed since the presence of the Spanish Water Dog is very abundant in the Andalusia region. Furthermore, evidence was found in historical documents that between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Spanish Water Dog was present in Seville.

The Spanish Water Dog was officially recognized in Spain in 2011. Before this happened, they were known as Andalusian Turkish dogs and also as Churrinos.

Originally the Spanish Water Dog was a sheepdog, hunter, and also fisherman. In historical research found, the Spanish Water Dog, during the reign of Fernando VII, spread to countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, England, and Ireland, through maritime trade.

Being a working dog, one of the characteristics that define it is its marked obedience and its great ability and intelligence, which makes it an easy dog ​​to train. Also, as a pet, it is very faithful, noble, and affectionate, behaving loyally and following the commands of its owners.

Currently, Spanish Water Dogs are used on rescue teams in addition to aiding firefighters and anti-drug police. Because they are kind, affectionate, and empathetic dogs, they are also used as companion dogs for disabled people.

Physical Characteristics Of The Spanish Water Dog

Regarding its physical characteristics, the Spanish Water Dog is medium in size and quite athletic. Its height measured from the central cross of the back is 41 to 50 centimeters. Its average weight is between 14 and 22 kilos, depending on if it is a male or female.

With respect to the head of the Spanish Water Dog, it is very strong, with a bearing of elegance. Their eyes are very expressive, and their color generally matches their fur, being almost always brown or hazelnut.

Their teeth are very strong and well developed, and their ears droop down. The Spanish Water Dog also has a short, muscular neck and a straight back with a very wide rib cage.

The curly coat color of the Spanish Water Dog is usually white, brown, or black. However, they have been known to also have a combination of these colors.

Personality Of The Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog has a somewhat strong character and sometimes incurs disobedience. However, it is a very intelligent breed of dog, as well as kind and affectionate with family members, especially children. They tend to be playful, which makes them excellent family pets.

They tend to adapt to living both in apartments and houses, but you should take them out to exercise since the Spanish Water Dog has incredible energy, needing daily walks.

The fact that this dog is very dynamic, cheerful, and playful is related to the expansion of its energy and its physical activity since if these dogs become sedentary, their health and character will be significantly affected.

Spanish Water Dogs have also been used as guard dogs since they are very obedient animals that are loyal to their owners and distrustful of strangers. Their obedience makes them ideal for training, and they must always follow the order of a single owner. This owner must be dominant and behave in a way that the dog can understand.

Caring For Your Spanish Water Dog

You should be sure to brush your Spanish Water Dog’s curly coat daily and check to ensure it does not have fleas, ticks, or other debris stuck in its coat. Their hair should be cut during the summer months as excess heat can wreak havoc on their skin. Preferably, their hair should be cut every 3 months.

It is important that they exercise daily to keep them at an ideal weight and ward off any unwanted health problems. In addition, you should take them for regular check-ups with the veterinarian as they tend to suffer from hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

Be sure to bathe your Spanish Water Dog once a month to ensure that its coat is always clean and it does not develop any skin infections. You should take advantage of this bath time and also trim their nails and clean their ears to avoid unwanted wax build-up. In addition, be sure to brush their teeth at least three times a week to avoid diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.

These dogs have quite delicate skin; that is why it is necessary to keep their skin well hydrated to avoid scratching and breaking; this way, you will keep them healthy and with a beautiful appearance. This hydration is achieved by placing a solvent in water and pouring it in after they have had a bath.

Training Your Spanish Water Dog

In order for your Spanish Water Dog to behave correctly, it must be trained in the following way:

Their training should begin at 12 weeks of age, that is, at 3 months. There you must begin to teach them the first orders that they will have to fulfill. You should always provide them with training that is based on positive reinforcment. When they do something wrong, do not punish them; instead, just ignore this behavior and focus their attention on something else.

You should focus on your dog learning basic commands such as: Come here and sit down. It is important because their inclinations towards hunting and fishing are innate, and it will be easy for the dog to get lost during their walks because they seek to hunt and fish.

Feeding Your Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog usually lives between 10 and 14 years, and this will depend on the care that their owners give them in feeding since it is essential for them to have quality food.

The most important thing here is that you follow the recommendations of your veterinarian since the amount of food will vary according to age, as well as the food.

Their diet must be based on proteins and vitamins since they are carnivorous animals. It must also have large amounts of chondroprotectants, which are sold in pill form in veterinary stores, which will help them to have very healthy joints.

What should be clear is that the Spanish Water Dog should not be given excess food that contains a lot of carbohydrates and fats, as it could become overweight, bringing enormous problems to its health and vitality.

Fun Facts About The Spanish Water Dog

It is a very hardworking dog. In its beginnings, it was used as a shepherd dog and for hunting.

According to history, the Spanish Water Dog would come on the boats of the Muslims that invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the year 711; this animal would then spread to the rest of Spain through Andalusia.

The Spanish Water Dog has been called many different names: sheepdog, Andalusian Turk, Turkish dog, and Churrino.

It is a very adaptable dog to different activities and environments, whether in the field, in the city, or at sea, working, helping, playing, fishing or herding.

The large coat that the Spanish Water Dog has makes it a very resistant dog to cold weather or to adverse weather.

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