10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Photos in which cute kittens are the center of attention are many, either in a picture frame in the living room or online on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But sometimes, the quality of photos of our pets leaves much to be desired: low light, blurred movements, cloudy backgrounds, or plain boring sleeping photos. Photographing a cat with good lighting and an interesting posture is a great challenge for any cat lover or amateur photographer. After all, cats have little interest in having a pretty portrait.

Therefore, before taking the camera or mobile, you should ask yourself what you want to express with the image to take a good shot. For example, how do you want the cat to look? Do you want a portrait that highlights her beautiful eyes? Or do you want to take a picture of him doing something, like playing, climbing or jumping? Do you want to photograph your feline in nature or, better, on the sofa at home?

Sometimes it is interesting to look for inspiration in other photos of cats online. But don’t try to copy an image exactly, as that usually doesn’t work out well. Every cat is different, and what you want is to bring out that authenticity.

taking the best cat photos

To find a suitable framing for your feline, you must ask yourself what it is best at. Does it have a coat with a certain pattern? What does it enjoy doing the most? Is it still small and playful? So the best is a dynamic photo with its favorite toy or one in which the curious kitten looks at the camera.

As for the photos of kittens, it is perfect that the proportions are seen, for example, when their mother is breastfeeding them or when you are holding them. Is your adult cat a free soul who enjoys going out hunting mice the most? Then it would help if you immortalized him in the garden or the field. Or does he prefer to hang out on your lap and be pampered? So, the ideal photograph would be with your feline lying comfortably in the sun.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Make sure the background is neutral

Regardless of the focus or position you want to photograph your cat in, they are the center of attention. This should be clear from the photo. A noisy background with people, cars, a patterned carpet, or a television distracts from the adorable cat. If you take photos of your feline at home, try to do it in front of a white or monochrome wall (no paintings or posters) or on a beautiful wooden floor. Alternatively, you can hang a sheet or use large cardboard as a background. Single-colored cushions and blankets are also suitable as a background.

The background you have chosen must bring out your feline. For example, a black cat is best photographed on a light wooden floor or a colored blanket rather than on dark tiles. However, cats with a reddish coat do not usually stand out on a wooden or laminate floor. If you have a white cat, you can use a dark blanket or a black cushion as a background. If you prefer to photograph your kitty outside, you should try to have a neutral setting, for example, a green lawn.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Good lighting

A nice background, good posture, and the best camera are great! But this is useless if the lighting conditions are not suitable. Good lighting, ideally natural light, is the most important for a beautiful photo. If you don’t have a photographic lighting kit, it is best to take your photos near a window or directly outside in the garden.

Don’t stand with your back to the light to avoid shadows. Instead, take the photos from a side position to where the light enters through the window or the sun. If your kitty is looking out the window, you will see a white dot in his pupil in the photos, a viral effect in portraits.

In indoor areas, in addition to natural light, you can increase the ISO value of your camera or use the flash. This should be directed upwards, and the photo should only be indirectly illuminated by the backlight of the reflection of the flash on the ceiling. Never use the flash directly on your cat’s face, that will scare him, and he will go away.

Cat portraits: central focus, background out of focus

Another trick to take even better photos of cats is to blur the background and make the cat’s face come out very sharp. Professionals set the shutter to very low A or AV mode. With a value between f2.8 or f3.2, the shutter is wide open and, therefore, the depth of field is less. As a result, the background appears blurred, while your cat is very sharp. The important thing is that the focus is on the eyes of the cat. A portrait with large, expressive eyes catches the eye of the viewer immediately.

For those who are not fluent in technical terms such as focus, depth, shutter, and shutter speed but still want to make a nice portrait of their cat, it is advisable to use the portrait mode, which is quite easy to find almost all digital cameras. (Portrait mode is usually identified with a head symbol. Also, some smartphones take portrait photos with a blurred background. If you don’t have this option on your mobile phone, you can download applications to reduce the depth of field. Also, you can blur the background later with an image editor or app.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Cats in motion: focused speed

One of the difficulties in photographing cats is that the model does not always participate in the way we want. Instead of sitting still and looking at the camera, he wants to know what is going on behind it, jumps on the scratching post, or goes to another part of the house. Immortalizing your cat during a jump or while running is quite attractive. The problem is that these moving photos are usually out of focus or blurred and thus only serve as digital trash.

To avoid this, the shutter speed must be very short. If the manual camera settings scare you a bit, you can select the sport mode. Burst mode is also useful when the kitty is playing and frolicking. This way, you won’t miss any original pose. To organize the numerous photos, of course, you need time. And most importantly, make sure in advance that you have enough space on your camera or smartphone.

Photos look more natural when they show the cat’s perspective. However, the images in which the photographer takes photos of the feline from the vision of a bird, that is, from above, are unconvincing since containing so much environment tends to distract from the main objective and, also, the kitten comes out very small.

Place the camera at eye level with your feline and try to capture his gaze horizontally. If you have knee problems, you can try placing your cat at a higher height, for example, on a table or scratching post.

If you have a majestic cat, like a Persian or a Maine Coon, you should go even lower and photograph it from the ground, known as the frog perspective. With this, you represent your beautiful cat in an imposing way. But be careful. Sometimes cats, seen from below, seem fatter than they really are.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Get your cat to look at the lens

Photos in which the cat looks directly into the camera are very striking. But how do you get the capricious feline to do that? Waiting and shooting at the right time is a test of patience. Luckily there are a couple of tricks to draw the cat’s gaze in the right direction.

The easiest thing is to have someone assist you during the photo session. Attach an interesting toy for your feline to a stick. While you keep your finger on the trigger, your partner tries to draw the cat’s attention to the toy. Once this is done, you must move the stick quickly in the direction of the camera. Your kitty follows him with his eyes, and let’s shoot!

If you are alone with your feline and you do not have an assistant, you can tap the camera with your finger to try to attract the cat’s attention with those sounds. Cats are naturally curious. Take advantage of it! Lastly, you can keep a tasty cat treat on hand and bring it towards the camera lens. To achieve it, your feline will do everything he can, and while, hopefully, he will look straight into the camera.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Get closer

To take the best photos of cats, they should be in the center, and that the less background, the better, you already know that. Unlike landscape photos, here, you have to get as close to your model as possible. It’s okay for your kitty to be aware of the camera. In fact, you want her to face the subject. So come closer and let your kitty curiously scan the camera. Hopefully, you’ll get a cool close-up snapshot.

Detailed shots, such as just a paw or a spot on the nose, are exciting and, when enlarged, on a wall, they cause a sensation. Remember to photograph in the best possible quality. This will allow you to increase the size of the image without getting too pixelated.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Photos Of Cats

Extra: photo effects and image editing

Although on Instagram you can impress with the hashtag #nofilter, sometimes the photos turn into real works of art with image effects. And why fool ourselves? All the celebrity photos in the magazines are retouched! So you, too, can make your best cat photos more beautiful with different image editors or apps.

Images where there is a lot of contrast or colors vary slightly are very interesting. Some cat photos look more professional in black and white than in color. Photos of cats with a vignette effect are great. Here the edges of the image are darkened with a shadow effect, and your cat stands out even more in the clear center of the photo.

Practice makes perfect

Now you know many tricks to take the best photos of cats. But it may be that the perfect photo does not come out the first time. Don’t worry, remember that no one was born learned! Whether in sports, music, painting, or, in this case, cat photography, to be really good, it does not serve to have the only talent. A professional is made with a lot of practice and training.

So, grab the camera and try different settings and perspectives. The more familiar you are with the technique, the faster you can react to interesting poses and capture the best photos of cats. Also, discover our selection of cameras for cats!

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